Honeypot Pro Edition V2 BEP20

Honeypot Pro Edition V2 BEP20

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 Honeypot Pro Edition V2


 Solidity Contract Version 0.8.9


 How does it work?


With this contract, you can turn sales off and on at any time!


the contract initially looks like a regular contract, so when sales are disabled, no honeypot detector can detect the contract as a honeypot token, and when sales are enabled 98% of honeypot detectors cannot detect the contract as a honeypot token , and + you can listed on exchanges like CMC, Dextools, CoinGecko etc.


The contract is unique, one of a kind!


Contract updated - Honeypot Pro Edition V2, now available on ERC20 network. You can also choose BEP20 or ERC20 version.


 Features Honeypot pro edition V2 BEP20 :


 You can set up






 Change owner.


 White list (Address bypasses all restrictions).


 No creator restrictions.


 Low - Medium risk in AvengerDAO.


 Artificial market cap from 100k-10mln$+


 Admin panel for contract management.


 Sniper bots will not be able to sell tokens (Anti-Bot and anti-whale mechanics)


 Works trade in Poocoin and in other Dex exchanges.


 You can enable or disable selling at any time.


When you turn on the sale is not detected anywhere as a Honeypot, when turned off is not detected in 98% of Honeypot checkers.


 And everything is as clean as in the pro edition.


Great contract, the contract was made by numerous requests from customers to be able to turn off and turn on the sale and still have the coolest features (for example an artificial market cap from $ 100k + etc), using this contract can also easily go to the starting areas, any exchanges and token trackers (CoinMarketCap, Coingeko, Dextools, etc.) when turning off sales token will not fold in 98% of the checkers, when you include sales nowhere will not fold as honeypot, etc.


 In the package you will have a Contract and complete instructions step by step

01 August 2023 16:53:28

i want buy this

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